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Hiring is a journey.

A career is an adventure.

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TalentFOUND is Colorado’s Talent Development Network

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The TalentFOUND gateway connects individuals and businesses with the most relevant tools and resources of the Colorado talent development network, helping students, job seekers, workers, and employers create their own unique paths to career and business success.

Want the most from your education? Want a better job? Need skilled talent? TalentFOUND can help.



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There are many paths to a successful, fulfilling career.

TalentFOUND can help connect you with the resources and training you need for the jobs of today and tomorrow. No matter where you’ve come from or where you want to go, TalentFOUND can help you define and design your unique path to a great job, a rewarding career, and a prosperous life.

Job Seeker Resources


Connecting to the Workforce Center was very important to my job search. They taught me the importance of networking and that is what helped me achieve my employment.

Ray | Job Seeker

The team at the Canon City Workforce Center kept me going with their encouragement, friendly customer service, and helpful demeanor. They always made me feel welcome.

Janice | Job Seeker

The journey to a successful career is as varied and unique as you are, but the formula is universal:
  1. Discover your talents and refine your skills through education and training
  2. Line up your interests, skills, and abilities with the jobs businesses need to hire
  3. Obtain the work experience that will set you on your way
  4. Refine your skills and continue on your unique journey to success

Student Resources

Find and develop the talent you need to compete and thrive.

One of the biggest challenges to growing your business and staying competitive is finding, hiring, and training skilled workers who can contribute immediately and continue to grow into a successful career at your company. Colorado is nationally recognized for aligning workforce, education, and economic development services and programs to help your business find and train the skilled workers you need. 

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What’s great about TalentFOUND is that it serves as a central access point for all the resources that are available for organizations and service providers.

Heather Gallien | Director, Marketing & Communications, RK Mechanical

Through TalentFOUND, being able to integrate the variety of resources will get the right people on the right path directed to right resources.

Evan Abbott | Director of Organizational Development & Learning, Employers Council


Not sure where to start? Don’t know where you want to go?

These resources can help you navigate your many choices so you can design your own unique path to  success.

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TalentFOUND, the Colorado talent development network, comprises the systems, partners, programs, and initiatives offering services to ensure students, job seekers, and workers have access to meaningful careers, and employers have access to skilled talent.

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