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What are skills-based practices?

Skills-based employment practices help businesses acquire and develop talent based on the competencies — knowledge, skills, and abilities — needed to do a job.

Why should my organization consider implementing skills-based practices?

Requiring degrees can shut out talented people from your search. For many positions, the credential gap between existing workforce and the demand for a degree needlessly disqualifies most people currently in the job.

Attract the right talent. By focusing on exactly what your candidates need to get the job done, you can identify, hire, and retain the best talent.

Skills-based hiring helps reduce bias. Implicit bias may happen in numerous ways during hiring and often leads to top candidates being eliminated for reasons other than their ability to get the job done. Bias comes up through a preference for someone’s education, gender bias, or certain cultural practices, and others.

How do I learn more?

As a partner of (XYZ Chamber), you can have access to the Digital Skillful Talent Series.

  • Skillful Talent Series 101: Attract the Right Talent. In this hour-long digital course you will learn:
    • How to focus your job posting on the skills candidates need to succeed
    • Broaden your talent pools to all qualified applicants
    • Reduce bias in your hiring process
    • Source and recruit the right talent while reducing your time-to-hire
  • Skillful Talent Series 102: Candidate Evaluation. In this hour-long digital course you will learn:
    • Avoid filtering out qualified candidates in the screening process
    • Select and design an assessment to accurately evaluate candidates’ skills
    • Craft interview questions that allow candidates’ opportunity to demonstrate occupational and foundational (also known as “hard” and “soft”) skills

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