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TalentFOUND: Colorado’s Talent Development Network

TalentFOUND comprises the systems, partners, programs, and initiatives offering services to ensure that students, job seekers, and workers have access to meaningful careers, and employers have access to skilled talent.

The TalentFOUND electronic gateway is the centralized hub of the Colorado talent development network that helps network affiliates connect across the network and share their tools and resources with students, job seekers, workers, and businesses.


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"What’s great about TalentFOUND is that it serves as a central access point for all the resources that are available for organizations and service providers."

Heather Gallien | Director, Marketing & Communications, RK Mechanical

"Through TalentFOUND, being able to integrate the variety of resources will get the right people on the right path directed to right resources."

Evan Abbott | Director of Organizational Development & Learning, Employers Council

Toolbox for Affiliates

Help us tell the TalentFOUND story and strengthen the Colorado talent development network.

As a network affiliate, you are able to access TalentFOUND affiliate tools, including:

  • The communications toolkit
  • TalentFOUND talent development network graphic
  • TalentFOUND summary flier
  • TalentFOUND presentation slides and talking points
  • About the TalentFOUND brand one-page flyer

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Any organization of the Colorado talent development network can become an affiliate of TalentFOUND.


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